5000ft section milled
and counting

We are the industry leader in surgical removal of multiple casing sections downhole to facilitate barrier placement rock to rock for Permanent P&A. We bring in-house developed milling and cutting tools, innovative technology and a wealth of experience to the challenge of well abandonment. Our signature method of operating; IOV – Investigate-Operate-Validate – uncertainty and optimizes the P&A process.

Medusa® Technology

Medusa® enables dynamically stabilized single and multiple string section milling while ensuring no harm to outer casing strings, regardless of casing eccentrics.

Section Milling

Medusa® section milling and cutting technology was developed to meet the need for a cost saving, permanent and verifiable 360 degree barrier to be placed in the wellbore without the need to cut/pull and dispose of casing strings, or conduct lengthy and expensive pilot milling.

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