Downhole Video Diagnostics

Abrado's real time and memory based downhole video solutions combine years of experience and past successes in downhole video capture with today’s cutting edge technologies, including significant improvements in wellbore illumination, capture quality and reliability.

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Fishing & Milling Services

We offer complete downhole fishing and milling services for the oil and gas industry.  With a over 65 years combined experience working and project managing on onshore and offshore projects, our team is one of the best in the industry.

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Wellbore Clean Out

From deepwater to the desert, customized and engineered wellbore cleanout packages, tools, chemicals and displacement strategies to save expensive rig time and enhance wellbore productivity and operability.

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Chemicals and Displacements

Abrado Wellbore Services provides specialty chemicals and displacement fluids management for the oil and gas industry

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Video Library

Open Hole
Casing Sidetrack
Parted Casing
Casing Inspection
Split Casing
Medusa Dual String
Medusa Single Run
Gas Lift
Mud Viper
SCR 1000