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Karluf Hagen established Innovar Engineering AS in 2000 with basis in a list of ideas for new and improved products. These ideas derived from a long career with both service and operating companies of the oil industry.


In 2008, all day to day activity was moved to Innovar Solutions As to meet customer demands, growth and organization challenges. All service and sales activity are handled by Innovar Solutions As. Innovar Engineering As will continue to develop new and improved solutions for the oil industry.

Qmax Logo

QMax is committed to providing “local solutions for local drilling needs” and offers solutions and services in Drilling & Completion Fluids, Solids Control & Waste Management, Wellbore Cleanup, Transportation Services, and Technical Testing & Analysis Services.


From the Research and Planning phases of the project, including cost/risk analysis, benchmarking, and laboratory analysis, through Drilling, WellbBore Cleanup, Completion, Waste Management, and lessons learned for continuous improvement, QMax will intimately partner with its customers to ensure that they achieve maximum value and profit from end-to-end. Whether it is “One Trip” cleanup of the wellbore, fit-for-purpose fluid formulations for drilling, achieving a 100% recycle rate of fluids, removing 99% of drill cuttings, or drilling horizontally through coal bed methane, our over 20,000 wells of experience supports and inspires QMax and its people to innovate and grow for our customers.

Mako Logo3

Mako Rentals, Inc. is a privately owned company established in 2000 in Houma, Louisiana.


Since 2000, Mako Rentals, Inc. has been providing the oil & gas industry with safe solutions for deepwater drilling and completions operations. Mako Rentals, Inc. designs, manufactures and assembles the tools and systems that provide positive results to the well. Mako Rentals, Inc. is dedicated to providing new and innovative tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity.

Altus Intervention

Altus Intervention has been appointed as a global preferred partner and service provider for Abrado’s Fluidic Oscillator technology, also known as the PerfClean® technology.


This longstanding partnership allows Altus Intervention to provide sales, service and support of fluid oscillator technology to the oil and gas community worldwide. Abrado’s Fluidic Oscillator tool is designed to provide high pressure, pulsing (oscillating) waves of fluid directly to the wellbore for effective removal of buildup such as that from scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and/or other blockages in the wellbore and/or screens.

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Mud Automatics

Abrado is pleased to announce we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor in North America and the Gulf of Mexico for Mud Automatics, Ltd.


Through this exclusive distributorship, Abrado will offer sales, service and support of the Mud Watcher™ and ancillary products. The Mud Watcher has been designed to transform the measurement of Mud Weight and Mud Viscosity during drilling. It replaces the ‘batch testing’ of the Mud Balance and The Marsh Funnel with continuous and real time readings for these critical Mud Properties.


Abrado is pleased to announce we have been appointed as a non-exclusive distributor in the United States of America for Cleansorb, Ltd.


Through this distributorship, Abrado will offer sales, service and support of Cleansorb’s patented in-situ acid generation chemical products. Cleansorb’s technologies achieve uniform radial and longitudinal distribution of clean-up and stimulation fluids in the target zone(s) with a greatly reduced risk to the formation, environment and completion equipment.

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