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Challenge - Riser Cleanout


  • Drilling Marine Riser cleanout is sub-optimal today through inefficient debris removal
  • Scale and debris builds up in the internal walls of the riser which can fall into the wellbore causing completion problems and increased rig time and cost
  • Standard practice of using brush tools to remove debris from the internal walls of the marine riser does not always work
  • Brush tools have to compromise between bristle length, bristle strength and the ability to pass through varying ID’s/profiles in the marine riser
  • A scraper tool would be most effective in removing built up scale and mud/cement residue/debris but traditional scraper tools cannot address the substantial
  • ID/Profile changes in a marine riser such as the BLAT profile, telescopic joint, etc
  • The only solution today to thoroughly clean the internal walls of the marine riser today is to pull the riser and manually pressure wash on surface – time consuming with HSE risk


Abrado's MRT-Z3 Adaptive Marine Riser Tool – Gen 3:

  • The only marine riser scraper tool that automatically conforms to any ID/Profile change within an 18” – 20” ID range
  • The only marine riser scraper tool that maintains contact with the ID of the riser throughout the cleaning run
  • Scraper contact radial force with the marine riser wall is adjustable for material selection
  • Can clean the entire marine riser while being latched onto the BOP or over open water

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