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Challenge - Downhole Video Diagnostics

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  • Sub Sea BOP and Riser Inspection
  • Wellbore Fishing
  • Casing, liner top and tubing inspection
  • Production logging
  • Plug and abandonment and/or decommissioning platforms


  • Abrado Downhole Video Diagnostics provides a real time visual inspection of the operation and condition of the Subsea well head, LMRP (Lower Marine Riser Package) & BOP rams validating function and providing damage inspection.

  • Abrado Downhole Video Diagnostics provides a detailed image or video identifying a fish (object) causing the downhole problem. Abrado DVD can determine the exact fishing tool needed to remove or mitigate the fish (object). Abrado DVD also offers visually assisted fishing operation by providing a real time visual guide to ensure a 100% catch of the fish before pulling out of the wellbore thus saving you time and money.

  • Abrado Downhole Video Diagnostics will visually inspect your tubing, casing, and liner top for any wear or mechanical damage. The visual inspection can help see things that some logs may miss and identify potential trouble spots.

  • Abrado Downhole Video Diagnostics  provides actual images & video of water, oil, gas and sand entering the wellbore. Abrado DVD will see and correlate depth of hydrocarbon entry points, inspect screens for performance, inspect gas lift valves and other mechanical parts in the production chain.

  • Abrado Downhole Video Diagnostics provides real time video validation of section milled windows for barrier placement, validation of casing cuts before pull or platform leg / jacket inspections before or after work has begun.

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