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Challenge - Job Validation Video Onboard


  • Operators spend many days and round trips recovering debris material from above deep set plugs, FIV Valves and other completion devices before being able to activate them.
  • This operation is conducted blind today using either vacuum tools or wireline bailers with each trip being a guessing game – like fishing….
  • Running downhole video after each vacuum tool run or bailer run is cost prohibitive and there is always risk involved
  • The next rip in the well is either another run with the vacuum tool or bailer or an attempt to activate the plug – often unsuccessful resulting in a wasted round trip at best
  • Rig time costs money


VVaX™ - Video Validation and Extraction Tool

  • A fully functional reverse circulating vacuum tool for debris removal and capture with inbuilt memory “video onboard” to visually validate the job performed
  • Downloadable 30 FPS color video on surface showing extent of job success/failure thus ensuring the next trip in the hole is with the right tool
  • Limit non-productive rig time – save at least one round trip and make better informed decisions – get your eyes downhole with VVaX™.



  • Roughly 1/3 of failed completions result directly from poor wellbore debris management
  • Measuring post-displacement wellbore cleanliness today is inconclusive and based on NTU’s measurements in/out and visual observation of tools and tubulars on surface
  • There is no cost-effective, conclusive direct validation method of wellbore cleanliness/debris removal available today……..but what if we could see downhole??
  • Abrado believes that “getting your eyes downhole” will enhance your understanding of issues and potential debris/solids related problems

VVT Table


VVT™ - Video Validation Tool

  • Image quality - LiteSabre® diffused lighting Technology, 30 FPS High Definition, color video delivery COST – Downhole video captured while tripping out of the wellbore with the cleanout string. Surface Zip Download of each tool allows quick capture of wellbore cleanliness especially around critical areas. Only cost is tool service charge and one additional operator.
  • QHSE - No rig up/rig down of wireline lubricator. No additional HSE issues over and above routine cleanout HSE procedures.
  • Risk– No additional risk over normal wellbore cleanout toolstring risks. If downhole memory video tools fail to acquire images, only downside is reliance on the same validation techniques in play today. 100% video redundancy in each tool.
  • Decision Support – Reduce potential NPT by being better informed as to “next steps”
  • Validate wellbore cleanliness through visualization
  • Visually Validate wellbore structural integrity, component positions/ dimensions
  • Visually Validate downhole debris removal, wellbore debris traps, solids dropout
  • Record wellbore status on video pre-completion/pre next steps

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