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Challenge - Section Milling

  • Section Milling Medusa

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  • Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) exists between multiple casing strings. Single or dual string section milling of windows challenges that exist are:
  • Puncturing of the outer casing string. For example, during section milling of the 10 ¾” x 16” casing window the 16” casing is punctured or cut creating an additional leak.
  • Small expansion ratios of industry wide tools for example 7” OD tools can only mill out to 10 ¾” casing which creates multiple trips and extra cost.
  • Old technology used for whip stocks and casing exits is being used to section mill windows in casing. This is why it is common to puncture the outer string of casing as these tools were originally designed for exiting casing.
  • Inability to pull inner string of casing due to cement. As such, a dual string section mill has to be performed or pilot milling away the inner string at a slow pace needs to be carried out and this is costly.


Abrado's range of section milling tools that address the issues of single and dual string section milling of windows:

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