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Challenge - Sustained Casing Pressure

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The Industry has many terms for these wells such as Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) wells or bubblers to name a few.

Regulatory enforcement requires that sustained casing pressure be addressed prior to proceeding with plug and abandonment of the well or in other words the operator must deal with the SCP before BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) a post Macondo formed branch of the US government will certify the well as abandoned. ALL sustained casing pressure wells on a platform must be plugged and no longer leaking or bubbling before BSEE will issue a certificate declaring the well dead and ok to remove from operating liability.

Additional challenges:

  • Multiple Casing Strings with sustained casing pressure
  • Casing Strings are old, corroded, split or cracked creating numerous sources for leaks and communication
  • Casing Cement - The original cement jobs were poor or not performed at all
  • Perforating and squeezing cement into the exist leak paths does not always work. All squeezed cement will have micro channels created by escaping hydrocarbons resulting in non-effective barriers for stopping SCP


Our section milling technology will help you work around all existing SCP challenges.

Our Technology /Experience:

  • Over 10 years milling multi-string windows
  • 200+ multiple string milled windows to date
  • K-55 to HCP-125 casings

Design / Blade improvements

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