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Challenge - Swarf Management

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  • Inability to clean the well properly while performing milling operations.
  • Plugging of equipment or down hole tools due to mill swarf.
  • Low pump rates.
  • Correct fluid properties.
  • Sectioned windows fill up with swarf and prohibit good resin, cement or inflatable packers to be set.
  • Destructive to the rig equipment (major operational downtime due to 'birds nesting').
  • Downtime due to birds nest (pile of steel swarf - tangled together and stuck somewhere in the well).
  • Bird nests normally develop in areas with reduced annular velocities, like the BOP cavity or in the riser. This prevents cuttings from below being transported out and can potentially lead to lost circulation or a stuck pipe situation. \
  • Impossible to get a good BOP test with steel shavings present in the pipe ram area.
  • The swarf, by its nature, is also sharp and can be considered a danger to personnel from a manual handling perspective.


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