Collaboratively Combined: The Abrado and ROMAR Journey

With emissions reduction a focal point for the oil and gas industry worldwide and the plug and abandonment sector a key area for development, ROMAR International has joined forces with Abrado Wellbore Services (R-A) to offer advanced milling and SWARF handling services.

ROMAR and Abrado's integrated approach and first-class operating knowledge provide innovative technologies through integrated milling and SWARF handling services to deliver permanent, verifiable and emission-free well barriers and highly predictable alternative zonal isolation P&A solutions. What does ROMAR and Abrado's collective offering mean in practice? We've heard from Executive Chairman and Operating Partner at EV Private Equity, Martyn Fear, to find out more about why the ROMAR and Abrado offering is a key addition to the P&A market.

How was the ROMAR and Abrado merger established?

ROMAR International and Abrado are portfolio companies of EV Private Equity and merged in late 2020. Both companies are specialist providers in the well plug and abandonment sectors; ROMAR providing swarf handling and associated magnetic recovery services, whilst Abrado delivers a unique dual string section milling service. Working hand in hand, ROMAR and Abrado create a technology-led P&A services provider with the potential for vast global growth. ROMAR and Abrado's combined offering can be encapsulated into four strategic themes:

Operations Excellence

Operations excellence is a critical focus across industry and is an approach that Abrado has been developing, as performance efficiency is a cornerstone of its operation. Combining the experience and services of ROMAR with Abrado’s recent achievements in flawless, optimised execution performance means that the milling performance envelope can be improved, and in turn, operators can reap the benefits.

Global Reach

The collective footprint of the two businesses gives access to many more regions, allowing ROMAR and Abrado to achieve a higher degree of coverage. The combination of footprint, relationships and reputation offers an opportunity for a genuine international presence that provides value to ROMAR, Abrado and its customers.

Sustainability and Futureproofing

Fusing the stability of ROMAR with the growth potential of Abrado creates a more sustainable business, particularly relevant in these highly volatile times.

Technology Development

Combining the strengths of ROMAR and Abrado provides a much more robust platform for continued technology development, which is vital in the well plug and abandonment sector. It creates an opportunity to tackle emissions avoidance and reduction while bolstering performance improvement.

What is the key benefit of ROMAR and Abrado's combined offering?

ROMAR and Abrado's combined capabilities provide the opportunity to expand and enhance performance with efficiency at the forefront of all operations. Together, they offer an international presence while increasing the availability of services and technologies.

What's more, ROMAR and Abrado have each built high calibre teams, now combined. The high quality of service delivery from both organisations is heavily driven and influenced by their experienced and professional employees. Bringing like-minded personnel together is a recipe for sustained success.

Why do ROMAR and Abrado's combined technology make an exciting addition to the P&A market?

The plugging and abandonment market is centred on attaining high-quality results while saving time and cost. ROMAR and Abrado's offering does exactly that and delivers a step on the path for a P&A services provider that offers flawless performance while saving resources on what is traditionally a time-consuming process.

What's next for ROMAR and Abrado?

When looking to the future, ROMAR and Abrado are dedicated to contributing further to societies growing appetite for emissions reduction and avoidance. Coupling innovative technology with years of collective industry experience, the combined companies offer a vital and reliable service that aims to deliver a zero-emissions outcome. It's hard to believe we'll be welcoming the merger's one-year mark in November, but I look forward to supporting both ROMAR and Abrado to grow and flourish in the years ahead.