Life at Abrado: Chris Pinard, Sales and Marketing Manager

A third-generation oil and gas worker born in Trinidad and now based in Texas, Chris Pinard is Abrado's Sales and Marketing Manager. Joining the organization in late 2020, Chris brings a multitude of industry experience and a fresh perspective to Abrado's ongoing development. Exploring his role in more detail, we learn more about Chris and his hopes for the future.

As sales and marketing manager at Abrado, what does your day-to-day role entail?

Every day in my role is different. Before joining the Abrado team, I primarily worked in operational and management positions for a Major O&G service company, primarily focused on the drilling sector. Moving into sales and marketing within the P&A market is a new challenge, but one I thoroughly enjoy. While no two days are quite the same, the priorities of my role include developing the Abrado brand, growing our market share and expanding our Medusa technology into untapped markets.

What are your key priorities for encouraging Abrado's growth?

My number one focus is to grow the company with sustainability at the forefront of our offering. I'm keen to establish the benefits of how our technology reduces emissions leakage and consequently supports emissions reduction. Additionally, I'm working towards entering new regions and promoting Abrado's capabilities on a global scale.

Abrado is committed to operations excellence. What does this mean to you?

Operations excellence represents a mindset change towards section milling and how we view 'non-technical’ functions. Abrado is developing its focus on operations excellence, with a particular emphasis on performance efficiency. Operations excellence at Abrado can be categorized into four key pillars:

  • Modelling and analytics. This involves developing data to maximize performance and utilizing the latest software to design and analyze our technology.
  • Customer and partner collaboration. By listening, sharing and collaborating with customers and our peers, we can enhance the performance of all projects.
  • Data-driven decisions. We aim to improve the casing milling process through the collection and application of milling data.
  • Continuous improvement. Regularly scrutinizing our lessons learned will allow Abrado to constantly improve for the benefit of our customers.

For me, operations excellence is a mindset shift that benefits our customers, business and the wider industry.

Abrado applies a data-driven mindset to well abandonment; how does this work in practice?

Data-driven decisions are a cornerstone of our operations excellence approach. As an industry leader in specialized milling for permanent P&A, we are proud of our approach to utilizing data and analytical techniques for downhole section milling. We acquire data through several sources and use our expertise to identify trends that help us maximize performance. Data analysis has shown to improve efficiency and minimize tool/blade wear while milling, which has a positive knock-on effect when saving time, costs and increasing control. Our end goal is to be the industry benchmark for milling performance, and I'm excited to play a part in achieving this.

What are your hopes for the future of Abrado?

I'm incredibly optimistic about the future of the organization. I hope for Abrado's brand to become synonymous with specialized section milling services, aiming to be the leading provider worldwide. I look forward to helping make this happen, and further establishing Abrado around the globe is up next on my priority list. Our collaborative offering with sister-company ROMAR International is a fascinating development, and I can't wait to see what's up next for our combined business. Together, we can extract plenty of value for our customers, and I believe we're going to make ongoing and positive changes within the P&A market.