Life at Abrado: Jason Broussard, President and CEO

Steering the ship and ensuring we’re on the path to sustained success, Jason Broussard is Abrado’s President and CEO. First appointed in 2020, Jason plays a critical role in driving company growth and brings an impressive portfolio of fishing and milling experience to the organization. As Jason surpasses his one year ‘workiversary’, we find out why he’s excited for the future and what it means to lead team Abrado.

What attracted you to Abrado?

There are several reasons I chose to join the Abrado team. I’ve spent much of my career in leadership and management roles, latterly as Senior Vice President at Wellbore Fishing and Rental Tools. The position at Abrado surfaced at the right time, I was keen to take my leadership skills to the next level, and I was familiar with Abrado’s technology and niche. When considering the role, I had a number of questions to ask myself; am I a good fit? Can I make a difference and help take the company to the next level? Fortunately, I was in contact with Abrado’s interim CEO, Matt Anstead and the team at EV Private Equity, who offered world-class insight and advice. Their ongoing encouragement and support led to my subsequent appointment, and I’m thrilled that it did. I’ve been with Abrado for just shy of a year, and it’s been an exciting challenge to roll up my sleeves and incrementally turn the ship around.

What key milestone have you met since joining the organization?

I’m focused on three critical areas to support Abrado’s value and growth. These include building a core leadership team, analyzing Abrado's history and identifying and implementing areas for improvement, which, in turn, will support my final focus - to achieve value realization for our investors.

Since joining Abrado in August 2020, I’ve met the first milestone of embedding a core leadership team. The board and I were set on finding high potential candidates with specific experience in petroleum and mechanical engineering, and we haven’t deviated from our stipulations. We are now lucky to have an experienced leadership team in place, which have helped to strengthen the existing team. I am continually embedding our second milestone of improving Abrado’s service quality and using lessons learnt to change direction. After conducting a comprehensive top-down analysis on Abrado’s processes and technology, we have a complete revision of how we evaluate opportunities and assess risk. With data now driving decisions, we can implement reliability and performance improvement across the organization.

The changes and enhancements made to Abrado’s service delivery will support our final and ongoing milestone of achieving real value for our investors. Broadening our footprint, making the most of our merger with ROMAR International and introducing international personnel is sure to result in sustained success.

What does operation excellence mean to you?

Operations excellence is the ‘bread and butter’ of Abrado’s leap towards a productive and purposeful future. Our operations excellence mindset can be grouped into four key areas: modelling and analytics, customer and partner collaboration, data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. Operations excellence has overhauled Abrado’s previous approach and supports the needs of our customers while continuously developing our service offering. Data-driven decisions are the focal point of this mindset and allow us to provide repeatable and predictable outcomes for our customers. All in all, operations excellence means delivering genuine value while making our workers' day-to-day roles more straightforward and more rewarding. There’s undoubtedly been a thirst for delivering new technology and enhanced approaches in the fishing and milling market. Our excellence mindset means we’re transferring the years of optimisation already applied to drilling practices through to the milling segment of the market.

What does it mean to lead the Abrado team?

I'm a big believer in people; I always have been and always will be. I make a point to know more than my colleagues' names and resume details; I genuinely want to learn more. As all leaders will know, it's essential to find the balance between formal and informal working relationships with your workforce. I'm keen to ensure Abrado is an excellent place to come to work and that my colleagues know their dedication is recognized and appreciated. Creating a trusting and open environment is important to me. A significant part of working in a small organization like Abrado is getting the opportunity to build genuine working relationships. I've always gained a lot more from giving my time, advice and resources than I ever have from receiving. I'm delighted to have a chance to shape the Abrado team, and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone over the past year.

What are your hopes for the future of Abrado?

I hope to see Abrado transformed into a scalable, profitable and repeatable business working across multiple regions. I want to bring our existing team along for the ride, ensuring they achieve job satisfaction in a busy and meaningful environment. Of course, I would like to see Abrado experience continued growth in the P&A market. Establishing our operations excellence approach and the value we deliver to operators is a high priority. Our recent merger with sister-company ROMAR International makes for an exciting glimpse of what’s to come for Abrado – the future feels exciting, watch this space!