Life at Abrado: Julie Thomas, Financial Controller

With years of financial control and accountancy experience, Julie supports the Abrado team to keep our finances in check while liaising with vendors and our CFO based in Scotland. First joining the organization in 2020, we find out more about Julie and her role in supporting the merger between Abrado and ROMAR International.

What attracted you to Abrado?

I’ve always worked with numbers. I have a degree in accounting from Nicholls State University and spent much of my career in organizations focused on the upstream division of oil and gas. Between the title of accountant and controller, I’ve crunched numbers for corporations like Chevron and Ocean Energy. When the role at Abrado came up, I was in the market for a new position, and it just so happened the stars aligned. I’ve now been with the business just shy of two years, and it’s certainly been an interesting challenge.

As Financial Controller at Abrado, what does your day-to-day role entail?

When I’m not in the thick of an audit, I do exactly what you expect somebody who works in finance to do! It’s quite a process focused cycle, driven by deadlines and recurring tasks. Between expenses, purchase orders and payroll, I oversee Abrado’s financials while supporting our CFO based in Aberdeen, Alan Shanks. My position has continuously evolved, and I recently played a role in seeing through our merger with ROMAR International.

How would you describe your time supporting the merger between Abrado and ROMAR International?

It was a challenging but very rewarding experience. It seems everything happened at once; COVID-19, the merger and new recruits throughout the organization. There’s no denying it was a large piece of work, but it was a great way to understand Abrado in greater detail while working closely with my new colleagues.

What are your hopes for the future of Abrado?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience of supporting the Abrado team; we’ve welcomed a host of new team members that have brought new and exciting ideas to the table. It’s safe to say we’re now on the right path for success, and it’s been exciting to play a part in this journey. Looking to the future, I hope to see the continued improvement of our processes and the introduction of new software to support efficiency and productivity. With our merger in full swing and our team now bustling with experienced professionals, the opportunities are endless.