Life at Abrado: Lucas Hebert, Repair and Maintenance Manager

With a keen eye for detail and ensuring everything ticks over smoothly, Lucas is a key member of the Abrado team and oversees the maintenance of our Medusa technology. After spending just shy of 20 years in the drilling segment of the industry, Lucas has transferred his vast skillset to support Abrado to keep its kit in tip-top shape! Discovering why Lucas is excited to venture into the P&A market, we hear more about his role and hopes for the future.

What attracted you to Abrado?

After 17 years of working in various roles with Schlumberger, I found myself looking for a new challenge. My journey into joining the Abrado team was a stroke of luck, you might say. I saw a job advert while browsing my phone over breakfast that caught my eye. I'm a real homebody, and with vast oilfield experience, I was on the search for something local to Broussard that would make use of my skillset. It was a leap in a different direction; I'd never worked in the P&A market, but the prospect was exciting to me. Before I knew it, I'd signed on the dotted line, and I joined the organization in June 2020.

As Repair and Maintenance Manager at Abrado, what does your role entail?

My role has continually evolved since I first came on board. Abrado is going through a step-change in how we operate, and it's been interesting to play a role in this. As a manager, I've been primarily on the floor, focussing on delivering a quality product and setting new standards. While we're still in the process of adapting procedures with excellence in mind, my focus has shifted in recent months. I'm now concentrating on leading my team, and like with any small organization, I wear many hats to support my department and the wider team to achieve its goals.

What are the key priorities within your role?

My first priority, of course, is to continue developing the team. My goal is to prepare them to meet the objectives of the business and ensure they have the tools, resources and skills needed to complete their job efficiently. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating growth and helping my colleagues meet their aspirations; if I can give our team the skills and opportunities needed to expand within their careers, I've done my job. Aside from leading my team, I'm keen to get the right technology and systems in place to plan our resources effectively, which feeds into our operations excellence mindset.

What about Abrado's Medusa technology caught your eye?

I genuinely find Abrado's technology amazing. My time in the industry has taught me that tools and tech that operate mechanically are just as technologically advanced as items that are controlled by electronics. The theories and engineering behind technology like Medusa are fascinating to me, and I'm proud to play a role in delivering Medusa to the market.

What are your hopes for the future of Abrado?

Like most, my main desire for Abrado is that we continue to grow in the coming years. I hope to see the company operating in all major oilfield areas such as Aberdeen, Norway, the Middle East and South America. The beauty of working at Abrado is that we're a small business that looks out for its people, and I hope we keep that 'family feel' as we develop. Together with our sister company ROMAR International, there's plenty to be optimistic about, and I'm excited to play a role in our future journey as one.