The Future of Plugging and Abandonment

Abrado has been at the center of providing services to the P&A market since 2009. It’s a segment of the oilfield industry we’re incredibly passionate about, and we’re pleased to contribute services that deliver permanent, verifiable and emission-free well barriers. The importance of predictability and reliability is a major focal point for the industry when considering emissions reduction, and the pace of the market is ever-changing. Chris Pinard, Abrado’s Sales and Marketing Manager, has shared his perceptive on the future of the P&A market and what this means for Abrado.

“Coming from a drilling background, I am fascinated by the similarities but also the distinct differences in the P&A space. The importance of P&A for our industry and global community are enormous, and as such there is a huge potential for ingenuity and growth in the years to come.”

“Properly Plugging & Abandoning old wells has always been an extremely important goal for our industry. As a result, the market potential is enormous but we’ve seen slower than expected growth due to a number of factors. Rapid technology advancements in drilling and completions have continually extended well life, combined with general volatility in oil markets have all contributed to slower growth.”

“In recent years however, we’ve seen an increase in environmental awareness from both our industry and the general public. This combined with an ever-increasing backlog of wells needing abandonment has led to an increased demand for new technologies that will deliver step changes in performance while reducing time and cost, in the most sustainable ways possible.

“Abrado is excited to be a part of this rapidly evolving high-tech future for the P&A market. Our recent merger with ROMAR International couples our innovative technology with years of collective industry experience and positions us to offer advanced and integrated section milling and SWARF Handling services. We’re rising to the upcoming challenge by continually innovating and introducing new section milling technology, which has the potential to reduce overall P&A costs significantly.

“What’s more, our forward-thinking team recognize that predictability, reliability and repeatability are essential in all operations, but especially in P&A. We are employing new data-driven approaches to achieve improvements in performance and reliability and ultimately offer an all-round service for operators.

“I am pleasantly surprised at how collaborative the P&A market is. Operators and service companies alike recognize that emissions reduction is a global objective. Each well is different (some of them decades old), and collaboration with our industry peers is crucial. We at Abrado are proud members of PACE – the P&A Collaborative Environment where we share knowledge and best practices with our operator and service company peers.”

“Overall, the future of the P&A industry is something to be optimistic and excited about. We at Abrado look forward to supporting the sector’s continued journey and developing new technology that meets the needs of global operators. Together with ROMAR International, we will maximize the value for our customers, and I am positive that we're going to make ongoing and lasting changes within the P&A market.”