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Section Milling - CSM-1000™

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Abrado's CSM-1000™ is a tool designed to section mill a single string casing or inner string of a multi-string series of casing strings.

The CSM-1000™ section milling tool is an extremely reliable, hydraulically activated tool. The section mill is simple in design, easy to operate and has an outstanding reputation for milling performance.

Milling knives are dressed with Abrado’s custom tungsten carbide inserts to provide extending section milling footage with maximum rates of penetration. The Abrado CSM-1000™ milling knives are dressed with polygon inserts. The cutting structure consists of carbide arranged in a brick worn pattern. The Carbide is specially developed for downhole applications, preventing premature wear and breakage. Additionally, all Abrado knives are treated with a titanium nitrate coating to increase resistant to wear.

CSM-1000™ Section Milling Tool specs:

Body OD (in)

Casing OD (in.)

Approximate weight (lbs)



6 5/8" to 7 5/8"


3 1/2" IF


7 5/8" to 8 5/8"


3 1/2" IF

8 1/4"

9 5/8" to 10 3/4"


4 1/2" IF

11 1/2"

13 3/8"


6 5/8" REG

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