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Wellbore Cleanout

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Tools For Your Wellbore Cleanout

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Smart Operators know to utilize Abrado’s proprietary line of wellbore cleanout tools, whether you’re drilling a complex well on land or in deep water. Debris left in the wellbore can require remedial workover trips, cause downhole equipment failure, and even cripple production by plugging the formation. In fact, wellbore debris is blamed for a third of all failed completions.

Abrado’s full line of wellbore cleanout tools should be utilized to remove drilling mud or other debris that can increase nonproductive time (NPT), operating costs, and health, safety and environmental (QHSE) risks.

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Circulating Tools:

BOP Cleanout Tools:

Specialty Tools:

Video Onboard Tools:

  • VVAX (Video Validation and Extraction Tool) - the first vacuum-type cleanout tool with “video onboard” that allows the operator to simultaneously remove debris and capture images of wellbore conditions.
  • VVT (Video Validation Tool) - a proprietary video validation tool that offers a single pipe trip video system for visual confirmation of wellbore conditions and its key components.